Monday, 5 November 2007

Me@ Big Big Bowl

After the "Night out" , i was extremely exhausted the next day. Slept till 10AM...I wanted to continue my beauty sleep but my stomach was growling with hunger! I was struggling between my tasty breakfast or the prince charming in my dreams....Alas, my hunger "overpowered" my prince charming! Upon opening my eyes, my phone rang with Sam on the other line asking me to go for breakfast....Definitely was my answer! This time, we went to try out this new noodle place in Kepong (yep i stay in it's not a gangster place). It's called "BIG BIG Bowl. Apparently, it is opened by my high school friend, Angie in which i have not seen in years after SPM!

Chai & ME031
This is where we had our breakfast/lunch.....Green=healthy? Clever to associate this cos healthy people sure come to this place. HAhahaha...Luckily the green paint was not too "gordy"...

Chai & ME029
Very nice decor....uses alot of green and bamboo decor...Cosy and nice place to eat.

Chai & ME028
This was what i ordered. It was a mixed of veggie with "seven veggie noodle" and "Lui Cha" soup. Very healthy indeed....HAhahaha....And good for toilet!!Yummmy...Not recommended to thos veggie hater....or those who do not like "Hakka Lui Cha". It taste exactly the same except this one uses the noodle and the other one is with rice. The Lui Cha from "BIG BIG BOWL" is really thick and tasty. You could really taste the grinded vege.

Chai & ME030
Sam ordered just the Ice kacang drink...It was on promotion that day, RM 3.00. Apparently, if it' not promo, it would cost you RM6.00

Overall, verdict on this restaurant:
Environment: 4 out of 5
Food: 3.5 out 5 (alot of varities in their noodle and soup)
Drink: 2 out 5 (wasn't that good. And we wanted to order their "Leung Cha" but was out of it)
Service: 4 out 5 (friendly staff)

Anyway, give it a try, it's located @ No 31, Jln MetroPerdana Barat 2, Tmn Usahawan Kepong. Tel:012-2115564 (Angie Lim)

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