Monday, 5 November 2007

Me@ Mercedez "C" Class Launch Event 2007

DSCN0944Wow, can you believe it that after my shopping spree, I had to rushed to another event. It was my bf's invitation to go for this new Mercedez "C" class launch event @ APAC, old Subang airport! So, it does justify the evening wear dress that i bought during my "spree" right? I was rushing like mad cos the event was suppose to start at 8pm in which, we should be leaving around 7PM. I got back around 6pm. Had to do a quick shower, hair-do and make-up in less than an hour!! Where's the justice?? On top of that, i was cheated by "him" that there will be a sit down dinner. So, at the back of my mine, it should be those 8 course dinner, with some shows going on while they do a launch of the car. Alas, it turns out to be a cocktail dinner in which they serve finger food like, satay (have to admit it's kinda tasty but lotsa MSG), fried onion rings, dim sum ("siu mai"), fried wanton, fried shrimp and etc. The only part that i enjoyed was the dessert and fruits. They were clever enough to have the "C" wording printed on the chocolates. They also served my favorite dessert "cheesecake" in a spoon! YUmmy.....

nov event 060
This was how they transform the old cargo area into a nice and cozy event place....The lighting and decor was great. There were a 4 pc band playing at the background(b4 the DJ end the night of course). There were free flow of beers and wine...People are basically chilling and socializing over there...

nov event 061
The rich and famous (i think.....) mingling around as the waiter was going around serving those finger food(AKA the food that still leaves you hungry no matter how many serving you have!!)

nov event 067
This was my new evening dress that i bought from Tulipe that cost me RM150. Isn't it nice. So, it does justify my spending right? HAhahaha...I love it alot cos the dress flows down all the way to the floor and looks like the dress from Lord of the RIng, the one wore by Liv Tyler....

nov event 059
This is the new C-Class looks very chick and modern...not like the E-class (which i classify as "uncle"s car...No offense to Mercedez lover)

nov event 088
Kiran doing a test drive/rather a "test seat" on the inside...I would say that overall it's really slick and comfy. Everything is a push button. Even the seat is a just a push of a button. And when you close off the door, you can't hear the noisiness of the outside. The seat was all leather...Really comfortable i would say. Hey for those guys who wants to go after a girl...use this car, I'm sure they'll be having very good 1st impression. Then the next stage no guarantee!

nov event 099
Me with Serina posing at the very first model of Mercedez C & E class.

nov event 098
Me & Serina at their posing @ the entrance.....

nov event 070 are on candid camera....hahaha...

nov event 077
Me & Serina enjoying our fruits....finally something not so oily!!

nov event 097
Serina posing @ Lamer's booth. Yes there were other big shots company there like Hilton hotel (i suspect the food is from there), Lamer & Citigold.

nov event 094
The guys having drink at the Lamer's booth....nice setting huh?

nov event 066
The models posing the watches...Poor things, they had to stand there like this for the whole night! Can you believe it? I wouldn't want to be in their place...unless they pay me like RM800-Rm1000 a day. The male model in actual fact was more good looking than in the photo...believe me!! Don't understand why he didnt turn out good in photos. That's the reason, me and Serina went over to take photos with them!

nov event 086
The DJ of the night playing some funky tunes. Isn't he cute...I was told he is some famous *tv presenter and used to be a DJ in zouk....Anyone finds him familiar please let me know....

The Overall Verdict of the Event (Out of 5 thumbs up!!):
Environment: 4 thumbs (very cozy and nice environment)
Food: 3 thumbs (minus of the points cos i still went back hungry!!)
Drinks: 4 thumb (Keep the liquor pouring....)
Staff:4 thumbs
Music: 4 thumbs (very nicely organize with the bands and DJ...Not a boring moment!)


W_W_H said...

wwwuuuahhhhhhhhhh......... mercedec model in blue...... ;)

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