Friday, 16 November 2007

Me @ "Rose Rose I Love You"

Guess what....Last week Sunday, 10 November 2007, I had the opportunity to watch our local musical production called, "Rose Rose I Love You", directed by Low Ngai Yen. I have to tell you the truth that i was not entirely excited in the first place to go but was "forced" by my friend, Laura. Apparently, her vocal teacher(yes, i was surprise too that she took vocal lesson before!!) was the musical director for the show...and her name is Penny Low. Don't get me wrong i love musical/theaterical show like Phantom of the Opera (my all time favorites), Fame, Hairspray (the movie), Grease, Chicago and Moulin Rouge....and counting...but I always have this biasness towards local production. I guess i always thought they are not up to the international standard (shame on me, i know...)

Furthermore, the show was all the way up @ Genting International Showroom! I was feeling a bit lazy and almost wanted to call in sick...but then when i thought of the RM88 that i have paid, it suddenly became the main motivator for me to go through it. When we finally reach there, we had a short lunch (overprice and tasteless lunch i would say!!), and got ourselves sitted in the the theater. I was actually surprised that Genting didnt put much thought of beautifying the place since they are constantly having shows there. The chair was the normal cushion-steel chair (the one you can find in higher class mamak stall like "Pelita"), and the sound system is bad...and stage is kinda small if you are thinking of full fledge performance!!

Me @ the entrance of the Genting Showroom....

The friends who i went with to see the show....This was also taken before the show started!

This was the couple (Dennis & Laura) who "drag" me to the show in which i have no regret watching ......

Spotted Harith Iskandar who also attended the show...He came with a few local celebrity too in which they told me was Elaine Daly...What a difference btw on and off screen.

This was the seat i was talking about...Ok ok it was slightly better than "Pelita" but it is still bad and uncomfortable...They should make it like Las Vegas. Hey, Genting is loaded right, this little things count and definitely make the difference!

This was my "clowny" friends....all smile before the curtains was down....Oh, there were also people selling peanuts and drinks. Aaaah...but we were smarter than them, we brought our own RM 1.00 nuts and FOC home water...Hahahah

Had an opportunity to take some photos with the cast after the show...This was one of the "tai tai" in the show...very funny and witty character. In real person, she was also very nice.

This was the "stilletos". If you guys have watch the movie, "Babe", i would categorize as the 3 little singing mice on each scene.. All 3 of them had great voice

At first we were so "excited" taking photos with the "Carmen Soo". But it was a big turn off when she told us , "Be quick"! Hmmm..She really think she is some superstar cos in her profile , she wrote there saying she appear in some commercial with Aaron Kwok, Jacky Chan and Jacky Cheung....etc. However, one thing i have to admit, she is really pretty in real person. But personality is definitely a turn off!

This was Tin Tan...She is not exactly photogenic...I think it's because of the make-up...But she is really very cute and pretty in real person. And she have way better personality than Carmen Soo.

This was the man, Tony Eusoff who not only possess great voice (he sounded like Elvis Presley) but also good looks. He made my friend, Laura and Sue went "gaga" over him. They kept saying that, "Tony actually put his arms around my shoulders"!!

This was one of the cast , can't recall his name but was apparently Sue's high school mate....

This is the "Penny Low", who is Laura's vocal teacher and also the person behind doing the music arrangement. Good job !! Too bad that some of the cast could not bring on the vocal if not with her music arrangement, i think it could have been better....

This was the stage where all the magic happens....I've taken this photo right after the show...

Overall Verdict:
Environment: 2 out of 5 Roses

Performance: 3.5 out of 5 Roses (there was times when the cast was out of pitch)

Musical Arrangement: 4 out of 5 Roses (Very good music arrangement and lyrics)

Cast Members: 3 out 5 Roses (I only like KK Wong for his humor, Tony Eusoff cos he is handsome and great vocal & Zalina Lee for her great vocal. Carmen Soo and Tin Tan was abit pitchy on the voice!)

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