Sunday, 25 November 2007

Party @ Naili's Restaurant & Shangrila Hotel

After our experience at the "Eye", we were hungry and headed to Naili's Restaurant located @ Sentul. Some smart friend of ours suggested to go there forgetting why she never did return to the restaurant since 2 years ago! Well, that time it does seems like the best choice cos we were hungry and that was the nearest in town. Let me tell you that i would give 8 thumbs up for the ambience and environment. Once enter, it transport you to place where you are dining in a forest area. The decor was very "Natural" and dimly lit creating the romantic environment. However, all this was spoilt by their terrible service by their waiters there! First, when we ask for better table, not only they turned us down rudely, they were not even bother to get us a better sitting place. They left us there ....wondering what to do like a bunch of stray dogs!

Second, they mixed up our orders and had to ask us several times! Especially when we ordered the fried vegetable and it came out as soup vegetable! It was the last straw when we asked the waiter why it was soup when we clearly ordered the fried one. Guess what he replied to us? In a lazy voice, he just said, "Ala sama aja" (In English it means, "Ah, it's the same") and walked off! What kind of answer is that and the walking off part was really rude!

Third, food sucks! I would not recommend anyone to order any food other than drinks!

This was their tasteless Nasi Lemak!!

This was the "burnt" Ikan bakar served to us. The stingray was even sticking on the "pandan" leaves.

Close-up shot of the fish sticking on the "pandan" leaves....would you dare eat it??

After the horrible food experience in which i would not recommend anyone to go, we headed towards Shangrila. Apparently, Laura booke a room with Dennis to celebrate his birthday. According to her, she got it @ RM350 for 2 nights (excluding breakfast) which is really a good deal. YOu have to be a shangrila member or something to get this deal.

Dennis showing his keycard

This was the suite that Laura booked. It was kinda small. Overall decor was very authentic Chinese. They gave complimentary chocolates (in which we "sapu" everything!), and fruits. T.V was too near to the bed and too "square". As compare to other hotels in which the T.V is movable side to side, this one stay put! Bathroom was huge and nicely decorated. I think i prefer to sleep in the toilet than in their actual room. Ahahahah....

We ordered room service of some dessert called "chocolate pizza" but taste like pancake anyway. The girls having the midnight snack.....

This was our guilty indulgence,"Chocolate Pizza" we ordered. It was actually quite nice....But cost RM 30 for this. I think if i made my own pancake, the cost is less than RM5.00!

It makes you wonder, why we pay for such expensive food when clearly you can do it yourself or get it at some cheap local restaurant....Is it the ambience, service or the quality of flour, sugar/chocolate used that made us pay more? Is coffee in Coffee Bean taste better than coffee in our local Kopitiam? Why the difference of RM 10.00 verses RM 2.00?? Isn't coffee just coffee? Hmmmmm.....Let's make a vote yeah...


mr jp said...

hey , I remember that Nailis ... urgh, a lot of mosquitoes there because of the trees and plants.. and the food is okay only .

the only thing cool is that you get to eat and play board games in a tree-house ... :)

vampynyam said...

Mr. JP talking about mosquitoes...i got bitten on my legs too...anyway, whatever gimmick they are going to offer, i swear i will not be returning to this place EVER AGAIN...i hope you dont tooo....