Monday, 5 November 2007

Girls Night Out......

Chai & ME002Sorry guys for being lazy again....Well, haven't had much things going on last week so didn't thought of posting it here. Didn't want to bored you guys reading my same-o same o material right? Well, last Friday(3rd November) I was bored sitting at home and called up my good friend, Chai to hang out. I wanted to hang out @ the Curve cos it's the "in" place to be with right now. I don't fancy noisy clubs like Thai club/Beach Club....I prefer to just hang out and have a good cup of coffee/cocktails with good live band.

Chai, my good friend wanted to check out the new place at TTDI in which she read in some Chinese magazine that there is a lot of cool new pub. To me, anything new goes! Anyway, we had a good girls night out without the guys!! Wooo Hoo.....

Chai & ME032
This was the people gathering outside at some of the pubs in TTDI

nov event 010
Has a very cool decor.....

Chai & ME005
This was basically how it looks like...there is differenty type of pubs to choose from. So people who doesn't want to dance and get a headache inside can choose to chill outside too....

Chai & ME003
Cool chairs huh?? This was by another pub owner.

nov event 007
Manage to capture some of the sexy girls...without their knowledge....Hahaha...Was using Chai as my decoy!!

Overall, i would rate this place as 4 out 10 to hang out. There is still room for improvement. Decor was great...but they could also include live band outside (i.e Jazz) and better lighting outside. It felt abit empty outside. Haven't been inside any of the pub so got no comment. You guys can check it out and let me know. If you ask me whether i would answer is probably no!

And, so our next destination was Mont Kiara, "Starbucks". This is the only Starbucks that open 24 hours on Friday and Saturday.....So, me and my friends will choose to place to hang out if we just want to challenge each other who could stay up the latest! The last record was 5am! Wanted to stay until the next day market but we are just too old for this....HAhahaha...If you guys recall, few months ago they closed off this Starbucks for renovation. Surprisingly, as we were trying our luck, it was re-open! Yeah...So i asked them what changes they did and the verdict.....

Chai & ME011
Chai walking happily towards Starbucks....or was she avoiding me taking her photos?Hmmmm...

Chai & ME015
NEWLY IMPROVED any difference? Me i can't...i thought it was the same...

Chai & ME013
The friendly staff...If you look at the background tiles...It was added in as well! Before there were no tiles...Anyone recall on this? I totally have no idea ,....Proves my observation skill is really B-A-D!
Chai & ME017

Chai & ME024
Our drink....Chai took this photo! What's your verdict? Good photos? Hmmm...not bad and got potential....better than some of my photos....HAhaha...

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