Monday, 26 November 2007

The Eye & Dennis Birthday Bash 07

Sorry guys, am back blogging again. It has been a week since I uploaded any photos or updating you guys on what I'm up to. Well, last weekend I had major fun celebrating a surprise party for my friend's bf ( now if you guys been reading my blog, you know who he is. Well, if he put on a little more weight, he could pass for "Wang Lee Hom").

My friend, Laura decided to surprised her bf by bringing him to the "Eye" (no, not the Chinese scary movie!!) It's actually our Malaysian version of ferris wheel or better called it as "Eye on Malaysia" which is located at Lake Titiwangsa. It is quite breathe-taking i must say when i first look at it, especially when the night darkens and the eye was lit up. What a cool idea to build this so called the largest portable wheel in the world over the lake (that's what the Malaysian like to emphasized anyway....the tallest, the biggest, the longest...and the list goes on ). Sometimes, it makes you wonder who are the "kiasu" one, us or the Singaporean? Or are we equally the same as them?Hmmmm....

This was the night market along the street before reaching the "Eye". There were stalls selling tidbits,cheap t-shirt, and caps and some craft and caricature...I'm not really a big fan of this except reaching my destination and riding on the ferris wheel. Oops...I think they refer them as "Gondola" (high class name!)

Had to do a quick pit stop before reaching the "Eye". Hey i got small bladder, can't help it! Anyway, something caught my interest while i was lining up....It says here " Spoilt...For Urine only". Hmmmm...So are they scare that we will "shit" there? Who in the right mind will actually shit here? It was so dirty! I had to fold my pants up before entering...the floor was covered with mixture of water + urine (shame on those people who don't aim properly!). I don't even dare to look at what is in the toilet bowl! The sink was full of some black dirty stain. And i swear that something tiny was crawling on the floor tiles....No wonder, the foreigners are always complaining about our public toilet! Even me as a Malaysian can't stand it. And the best part is i was charge Rm0.20 and it was still dirty!

Saw a clown entertaining a bunch of eager children....I must say I am usually very scare of clowns (maybe is their heavy makeup that i always think they are some kind of serial killer!), but this clown is "soothing" to look at.

I think he knew i was taking his photos and he stop to give me his pose. Isn't it cool??

Lining up to go up to the eye. Dennis the one wearing the green shirt, Shuen the "greener" shirt and that is Laura who is an 30 year women stuck in a 18 year old body! Look at the Teddy Bear shirt she is wearing. Ain't it cute?

Got our VIP "Gondola" pass which cost around RM100 in total for 6 of us.

After getting our VIP pass, and waiting to get inside the "gondola"...trying to kill time and did some stupid pose. Dennis at the back trying to be "drag queen" and Kiran trying to look possesed like the one in "Emily Rose" movie!

Hey breast touching in a public place!!

We were finally inside our VIP gondola...and according if i'm not mistaken(according to the brochure), the ride should be around 30 minutes=4 big round! We didnt actually keep track whether it was 30 minutes but whatever they were promoting about the fantastic view was all crap. All we saw was KLCC for 4 times! Imagine we were so bored inside the wheel, we actually have to self-entertained by making stupid faces and taking photos!

This photos was taken when we only riding for the 1st round...see the difference between the top picture and this? After the 3rd round, we became the "insane" bunch of humans! HAhaha...

Using the camera to create the illusion of him grabbing the core of the "Eye" Cool huh? This shot was obviously not taken by me, it was from Kiran....

Overall Verdict of the "Eye" (Out of 5 Eyes):-
View: 2.5 out of 5 Eyes (the only view you get is KLCC!!)

Fun: 2.0 out of 5 Eyes (If you come with your friends, it will be fun, but as couple, bored to
death) . NOt much things going on around there apart from those hawaker stalls and 1 clown.

Food: 2.0 out of 5 Eyes (Overpriced! )

Probability of 2nd visit: 0%

Recommendation: 1 out of 5 Eyes (Unless you ran out of places to hang out in KL, then go visit the Eye)


Earnpin said...

Very huge difference after first and second round... hahha

vampynyam said...

hi earnpin...let me put it this way 1st round was full of excitement...2nd round excitement level drop to 20% and 3rd and 4th round 0 excitement level!!

d'Fish said...

i rather go back and poke my own eyes..