Monday, 5 November 2007

Me@ Shopping Spree.....Hartamas

After the Big Big Bowl experience, me and sam went on shopping spree @ Sri Hartamas. Let me tell you that this women can really shop. She knows all the corner high and low on where to get cheap and nice clothing. First stop was "Tanzz". Bought 2 pants for Rm80.00. One for work and one for play! It was on sale 70%!! So basically the same kind of longs pants in which if i get from G2000 will cost me around RM100 ++. Then, the next stop was "F-Block".Got myself a very nice working blouse and skirt. In fact got a compliment today when i went to my customer's place. Hahaha...Last stop was Tulipe Collection (Tel:2300 0835). This i have to recommend to those girls who wants to get quality and affordable dinner gown! The lady boss is "hot" and have good sense in clothing.

This was the 2 pants, from "Tanzz" that i bought for the total of Rm80.00

This knee length skirt from "F-Block" cost me another RM 60.00.

This blouse from "F-Block" that cost me around RM 35.00

This was my end results.....Oh isn't shopping therapeutic?

So conclusion of total money spent of the day:
Tanzz: RM 80.00-2 pants
F-Block: RM 95.00 (Rm60+RM35.00)-blouse & skirt
Tulipe: RM 300 (RM 150 x 2 pcs)-2 evening wear in which i wore it to Mercedez launch & 1 more will be collected end of the month.

So total $ spent for the month of November: RM 475.00 for 6 pcs of clothing....not bad huh?

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