Friday, 28 March 2008

My Dubai Trip-Day 4

Phew, another hectic week for me...and thank god it's Friday! Just finished my dinner and decided to continue posting my last day of my Dubai trip here. Some of you may wonder how their building looks like, and all I could say is " Magnificento" and totally unique. Each one of the building has it's own touch and flavor! It's classy and very detail. Picture this, our Malaysia proudest architecture building is KLCC right, so imagine dozen of it found in Dubai. And their shopping mall is so beautiful and ours is really nothing compare to theirs! I'd took pictures of the Jumeirah shopping mall...Tell me what you think.

There are more open over there...They even have an open beach where there's alot of "Kwai Lo" sun tan with their bikinis!

Finally after our half day tour which was part of the tour package on Day 4...we were hungry and requested to be driven to a typical local food. And you be surprise that you will find more Pakistani and Indian restaurants than their local Middle East restaurant! How cliche can you get? I was then told by their locals that the majority of their population is made out of 20-80, meaning 20%="Dubaian" and 80%=foreigners (Mostly Indian and Pakistan). This foreigners job are mostly taxi driver or tour guide! You also be surprise that pork is actually allowed there. I was told that the locals don't mind going into restaurants that sell pork but they of course won't eat those dishes with pork in it. Hmmmm...It makes you think ain't it cos comparatively with our country, Malaysia...we are more close-minded than them! Anyway, both of us went into a Pakistani restaurant and called for dishes like "Capati", Naan Bread served with chicken.

No kidding...look at picture below of what I meant soft! It was more yummy than our local "Capati"

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