Wednesday, 12 March 2008

My Dubai Trip-Day 2

4am (Dubai time): I woke up with my stomach growling cos it was already 8am in Malaysia. This is my usual time for breakfast. The day was still dark but I was already searching for food to feed my hunger. Weather was cold. Temperature dropped to 10 degrees at night. I was shivering and longing for our Malaysian hot weather! I gobbled down some bread and headed back to sleep.

8am: Woke up again and got myself ready to head down to "Gulf Food Exhibition". I really thank god that we were staying here cos the Exhibition Centre is just 15 minutes away across from our condo.


Exhibition Centre: One word, "WOW". It was really impressive. Much better than our KlCC Convention Centre. Looking around, we were surrounded by "really" beautiful women with attractive features, with modern clothing! Before coming to Dubai, I was skeptical on the dressing and whether we should be covering our head with scarfs. Let me tell you that Dubai women have better fashion sense than some of us. Even women with scarfs have their own style of wearing it and making them look hip/modern. We just have to accept the fact that no one will even throw us a glance! And men over there....Let's not even go there! Most of them have either the looks or body/height. Our Malaysians are in no league with them. The most ordinary guy who works as a ticket collector looked like "Pierce Brosnan". So what else can i say? So then, before into the hall, we headed down to their Coffee Bean......




Inside Exhibition Hall: The booth design was amazing. It was very well organized with 1 side processed food, 1 side sweets and dessert and etc etc..... As i strolled along, they were giving out free samples to try. I was just picking and eating...& eating.....& more eating.....I guess it covered my lunch! I tried their local version of "hotdogs". I even lined up for some free scoops of "Gelato" cos back in Malaysia, one scoop will cost you RM 6.00! Hey wouldn't you be rushing in too?? Oh, and the surprising thing was there was a huge chunk of pork being exhibited there. When I went near to check, the guy came out and nodded and said, "It's allowed"!! And what do you know, when I asked Laura's uncle, he told us that the restaurant over there is allow to serve pork. And the locals will even walk into the restaurant that sells pork but order non-pork dishes of course. Hmmmm...makes you think doesn't it....



5PM: We were both exhausted and drained out with all the walking and surveying...It's time to head back to our condo and relax. We went out trying to catch a cab and there was no cab to be found! How strange....We continued walking like a couple of lost souls wondering around for almost 40 minutes. We were directed up, down, left and right and finally spotted a sign that says, " Shuttle Bus to Carpark & Taxi Stands". We went up to a crammed bus and were ferried to a dusty open-air construction area.

Construction Site: As we got down from the bus, we were shocked to see the massive lines. I could easily say there were about 300 hundred over people waiting for merely 30-40 cabs! We waited in line for 3 hours for our cab!


P.s. Please watch out for my next entry which is the Day 3.....More photos and excitement on the way!!!

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