Monday, 10 December 2007

My Calorie Cutting Tactics!!

Recently while having dinner with one of my good friend @ the Manhattan Fish Market. Believe it or not it was the first time since it opened 5 years ago that i actually stepped in and order something to eat. I always thought it was just another lame Fish & Chips restaurant filled with unhealthy fried stuff. Surprisingly, there was some healthy stuff found in the menu like baked and grill fish and even salad. My friend decided to order her seafood grill platter( and me just the baked dory fish with "vege" of the day. Yummy...Anyway, as we finished our meal, my friend suddenly complaint saying that she shouldn't have eaten the food cos the platter that she ordered comes with rice, fries, prawns and fish. She kept saying she put on weight already cos she has been eating dinner for the past week. Then i look at her up and down and told her, "Are you crazy, you are still as slim as ever!!". She pointed at her stomach and said, "Look at me, my tummy is all bloated out". I should just stop having dinner now. I tried convincing her for half and hour and even given her some facts about not skipping meal. And she insist that skipping her dinner is what kept the fat away! So, now i decided to educate my pals and some of people who is reading this to wake up and read the facts that I've been gathering over the years. For me, i have been a gym goer for about 3 and half years now and been reading alot on food. Believe it or not i used to be chubby but i managed to get my weight under control thanks to the right exercise and food intake.

First fact is that exercising alone doesn't get you to your goal without proper "food management". I used to do like 5 cardios workout a week but my weight still stay the same. Sure enough i did see my thighs and arms were getting a bit wee smaller but overall it was still chubby! Until, i met a "guru" who told me that food contribute 60% and exercise ONLY 40% of losing that few extra pounds! Oh and Starvation and deprivation diets simply don’t work. Instead, the little things are what matter.

BEFORE. Look at those arms!!

AFTER. I started with workout + "Food Management".

Here are my eight guideline to get you started:

1. Eat breakfast.
A study published in the February 2002 journal Obesity Research found that eating breakfast was a key behavior among people who averaged a 60-pound weight loss and kept it off an average of six years. Participants told researchers that skipping breakfast made them so hungry that they overate during other meals and snacked on unhealthy, high-calorie foods. Plus breakfast is essential for you to start the day right. When you go to work hungry your performance tend to slacks as well! Have you ever feel had that all you could think "Lunch, Lunch, and Lunch!" . And when the clock strikes 1pm, you would rushed out and order the big meal cos you were so hungry that you could eat one whole cow! That BIG meal, my friend may just cost you to put on more pounds that you ever imagine.

2. Eat Frequently
Whenever I tell my friends that i actually eat 5-6 meals a day, there were shock written all over their face! Then the next spontaneous thing that they do, is looking at me up and down with disbelief. Last but not least, the same question thrown at me like, "Are you sure you eat that much in a day, but you are not fat all??". And i always comes down to explaining to them that it is actually better to eat more frequently (2-3 hours after each meal) with smaller serving size then eating 2/ 3 BIG meals. I break down to 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and 2 snacks( fruits/smoothies/nuts/yoghurt) and a glass of milk before sleep. Research proved that people who eat frequently, tend to increase their metabolic rate (which you need it to burn fat) than people who don't. When you deprive your body by skipping meals, your body will automatically goes into "slow mode" by reserving the energy thus slowing down your metabolism. And when you have low metabolic rate, your body are not efficient in burning those fat. Ever wonder why people who only eat 1 or 2 meals a day is still finding it hard to lose that extra pounds?

3. Don't Eat Like Your Man

If you're a woman trying to lose weight, one of your biggest roadblocks may be your husband. Studies find that women often put on weight soon after they get married. The reasons are varied. He eats bigger portions and you try to keep up (you only need about two-thirds of what he eats). You're cooking a full dinner every night, whereas in your single days a salad may have sufficed (a large salad with a bit of tuna for protein and an olive oil-based dressing can work well for both of you). Or you eat out more (it's far easier to eat healthfully at home).

4. Fruits & Vegetables
How do you grade your plate? Is your plates fills with mostly meat, rice and fried food?
About 35 percent of cancers can be prevented by getting at least five servings of fruits and veggies a day. What's more is that healthy eating can help prevent heart disease, High blood pressure,Obesity and Diabetes. Children between the ages of 2 and 6 should get five. Older kids, teen girls and women need 7. Teen boys and men need at least 9. For me, i tried to have fiber in each meal of the day and having fruits as my snacks. That way, i know i have enough fiber for the day! So start munching that apple away....

5.Buy the smaller size.
The larger the portion in front of you, the more you’ll eat. It’s a proven fact. When researchers sent 79 parents home with a video and either 1- or 2-pound bags of M&Ms along with either a medium or jumbo size tub of popcorn for each family member, they ate more M&M’s from the 2-pound bag than the 1-pound bag, and about half a tub of popcorn, regardless of the tub size.

6. Make smart switches.
I found this article in which you can save by switching from high-fat, high-calorie indulgences to lower-fat, lower-calorie options. Just by making the following substitutions, you could lose 25 pounds a year:

Instead of eating this once a week

Try this once a week

Calorie savings

Large fries

1-ounce snack-size bag
of Tortilla chips or pretzels (found in Tesco & Carrefour)

383 calories a week,
or 5.7 pounds a year

Fried chicken breast

Roasted chicken breast
and wing and thigh without skin

243 calories a week,
or 3.6 pounds a year


Veggie burger

216 calories a week,
or 3.2 pounds a year

Three slices bacon

Two slices deli-style ham
and two egg whites

199 calories a week,
or 3 pounds a year

Chocolate ice cream

Gelato & Yoghurt Ice


240 calories a week,
(1 cup) or 3.6 pounds a year

Pasta carbonara

Pasta with tomato sauce
(1 cup)

246 calories a week,
or 3.7 pounds a year

One slice cheesecake

One slice angel food cake with
strawberry topping

130 calories a week,
or 1.9 pounds a year

7. Skip the soda & Gulp in those water
If you drink non-diet soda, you can cut 160 calories (per 16 ounces) out of your day just by switching to diet soda. Better yet, drink up that 8 cups (1.5 litres or more) in a day and mix it with drink green tea (optional).

8. Start with soup.
Studies show that people who start a meal with soup--especially broth-based soup--end up eating fewer calories by the end of the day without feeling hungrier. Please be aware of those creamy soup(main ingredients is butter) cos that will really fill up those unwanted calories!

So, now other than writing about my daily events, I will also try to have a weekly updates of articles about health and fitness now. Do give me some feedback whether you would like me to post more on it or if you are sick and tired, let me know and will stop it! Hahahaha....


Timothy said...

So tell me dear .... what calories are you trying to lose? You look perfectly slim and sexy ....

Nevertheless ... information well accepted. I think I need those tips for myself though ....

W_W_H said...

wuahhh!!! lau bei huet!!!

vampynyam said...

Hi tim...thanks for the compliment..hahaha. WEll you can spread the tips to some of your friends. But i think you be fine as long as you keep doing salsa. The salsajay is your blog right? I presume you must be active on it yeah..but guys are easier to maintain compare to women. NEvertheless, spread the good vibes about...

Hi WWH...nice to have you back again...btw me no hokkien leh. What does lau bei huet means ah?

W_W_H said...

hi vampy. lau bei huet is in canton lah!!! means nose bleeding!!!!!!!!! ;)

elisa c said...

hey dear u sold me out la....;((((

Harwin said...

Vampy!!!!I love your articles la. My God. I finally found someone who feels the same way about staying healthy. :>. Yeah I mean I am also very health conscious, fitness and all this healthy lifestyle.. Wow u are really a freak I must say, hahaha!!! Love it Babe!! Keep it up. Infact I am also very excited and shall have my own blog soon. ;>

vampynyam said...

HAhaha...WWH i thought it was some kind of hokkien word. Why you nose bleed la..."Ganasai"

Nance, Thanks for support in reading my articles. should have your own blog then we both can blog together...HAhahah...YUp me love reading alot about fitness and food stuff. Cool next time we could exchange more food ideas yeah...:)) Cheers

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

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