Monday, 17 December 2007

Food Poisoning!!!

What a weekend! Can you believe that I spent my whole weekend at my bf’s place being sick? I lost count on the number of times that I had to run to the toilet and release whatever it was left in my intestine. My stomach was so bloated that I swear it looks like those “Blow fish”. And I had so much “wind” in my stomach that I couldn’t stop farting or burping. And even my burp smelled of some stinky spoiled food! Ooops I think I better stop being so graphical as some of you might be feeling sick imagining it. Anyway, it was the worse diarrhea/food poisoning I had ever experience….

It all started from the day after I had my Japanese food at Jagoya! I knew I wasn’t feeling up to myself when I had really bad stomach discomfort. My stomach kept growling and I kept letting go of air. Then when noon time comes, I had to rush to the nearest toilet and the rest is history! There goes my RM51 Japanese buffet!! I went to the first doctor and he gave me medicine like gastric, diarrhea and stomach pain. It did cure me for few hours, but the next day it came back again. Then I thought I should just try Chinese medicine cos the last time I had a bad fever, I was cured by it (And yes it is the normal traditional Chinese herbs in which you have to boil for hours!!). Guess what, this time it didn’t work for me, it was already Sunday and I was still running to the toilet like nobody business. I even had fever. Luckily my bf’s mom was there to take care of me, helping me to cool my body down. But my aching tummy was really giving me a hell of a time! And could you believe it, I was even praying to God that if I’m cured I promise to do more charity things. I was in such a pain that I just wanted it to go away no matter how much I need to spend on it. I didn't even mind giving up all my savings (In that moment of pain of course...)Now, I understand why people turn to certain religion when they are in the midst of pain. Mine is nothing compare to those who suffer greater illness like cancer or Aids...

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