Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Vampy's Great Discovery!!

Hi all...thought of sharing with you my favorite dessert other than my love for cheesecake. Alot of you Malaysian who love egg tarts will surely know of the the name " Tong Kee" tarts. Well, they have no doubt created a great name for themselves and position as the best of egg tarts. Me and my friends thought so too. We would drive all the way to Sri Petaling just to have that 2 bites of tarts. But recently, i discovered another place in which the egg tarts is way better than "Tong Kee". The shop name is called "H.K Miu Kai" It is a little bit more expensive. Tong Kee cost your RM 1.10/pc and H.K Miu Kai cost about RM 1.60/pc. But it is worth every penny of your money. It is richer and softer than "Tong Kee" . Once you bite into the tarts, the egg practically melt into your mouth! No exaggeration here ok. So far all my friends, clients and even supplier that i introduced to try this have given VERY good feedback about it! Where can you find this place? Well, my friend, unfortunately you can only get this savory tarts at Sri Petaling, behind "Tong Kee" and next to a Middle East restaurant called "Al-Diafah". And recently they opened one in Kepong, along the road of HSBC, opposite of Carrefour.

This is the pastry chef in charge of all the egg tarts, "po lo" pau and "Char siu so" and etc.....

This are the hot delicious egg tarts after being baked in the oven

Ta da.... This is the close up shots of how it looks like hot from the oven. Doesn't it look yummy...Highly recommended...MUST try!! Best to eat instantly when it is still hot....

The staff busy applying the sesame on the "Char Siew So"( Pork pastry...hope i translated correctly...) This is another one of their famous pastry. Also highly recommended. Once taste you will never forget!! HAhahaha....Cost around RM1.90/pc

Ta da....my close- up photo of how it looks like...Isn't it yummy.....This one can be kept over night. So it does make a great gift to your far far away friends/relatives who happen to come to K.L to visit you.

Just have a look out for this signage " Hong Kong Miu Kai" . Oh yeah the girl pastry chef on top told me her master was from Hong Kong who also own part of the restaurant. So the food and pastry is top notch recipe from Hong Kong itself. Feel free to drop in to have a try...Oh and another MUST try pastry is their "Ham Tan PO LO" pau (Salty egg). Unfortunately i was not able to capture the photo here cos' they haven't made it when i was there. They open only at 11am. But you got to buy it as early as possible cos the 3 items are the most hot selling. Usually by 6pm, most of their hot selling pastries are gone.

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