Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Ninja Jone's Experience

Hi all, sorry for the late update, i just came back from my Singapore trip today. So, haven't had the time to do some updates!Anyway, just want to share with you guys that i had the honour to help organize my business partner cum friend's birthday bash (yup another birthday bash!!) last week Wednesday(26th Sept). Well, actually it was belated...her birthday was on the 21st Sept but had to give her a chance to "romance" a bit with the bf right?Anyway, my initial plan was to celebrate it at Rakuzen restaurant at Plaza Damas cos i read very good review on it. And i even had her birthday cake figure out. She is also a cheese cake lover like me!! But where in the world can i get good cheesecake other than our normal Secret Recipe place? Decided to do some blogging, and Mei Yen's blog caught my sight when she review about the and Miki Ojisan's Cheesecake and Rakuzen. Decided to do more sleuthing and read very positive reviews from more bloggers! So, obviously, you can't go wrong with all this good review right? So, decided to try it out...They only have 2 outlets in Malaysia. One in Bangsar Village (the old one) in which it is opposite of a Thai restaurant and same row as "La Opera" cake house, right at the end. The other one is in Isetan, KLCC. Me and my bf went decided to check it out and book the cake earlier. They told us the hot selling is their original flavor, Moist Chocholate, and Peanut Butter...and i decided to go for the Moist Chocolate Cheesecake since it looks really yummy in the photos (yup they were all sold out that day!)

Unfortunately, we did not go to Rakuzen cos Laura (the birthday girl) can't make it on Thursday(which was our 1st plan) and had to change it to Wednesday .....I panicked and called up Rakuzen the room was fully book!!(There was 8 of us, so decided to have a room =more privacy). So, luckily with my quick thinking...ahemmm (yeah yeah i know, "self praise is also no praise"), i managed to get hold of a Japanese food lover to recommend a place in Midavally. He gave me a few choices through email (yup...why can't he just tell me on the phone right?). So after my last appointment of the day, i had to rushed back to check my email. And this "Ninja Jones" name just struck me as weird and funny name. I did a quick search and most bloggers gave good review about the ambience. So decided to try my luck and called for booking. Luckily the girl was kind enough to fit us in. I was a little skeptical about the food and decided to ask what kind of food they have.. she kept telling me to come over to try and said, "it's very nice, no worries". So, i took a chance and messaged everyone to go there!

When we arrived, my bf thought we went to the backdoor of the restaurant cos there was no knob or handle on the steel-looking door!! Due to my wits (ahem....), i saw a red button right at the corner in which you gotta push it to get it open automatically.. And "WOW" was my first word! It was indeed a breathe taking environment for a restaurant. It was very well decorated, with lotsa wood, stones, water concept. The most interesting part was the waiters who dressed like Ninjas! How unique....

This is the birthday girl, Laura blowing the "Miki Ojisan" cake.....and we caught her in action of closing her eyes like small girl after her birthday wish--

Ohhhh..she had to sucked up all the air to blow all candles....or her wish wont comes true! But does closing eyes help??

Isn't it mouth watering? I can't remember the dish name but it's something to do with "caterpillar sushi"

This is the sushi/sashimi set with beef....It;s quite yummy and filling for 1 person. Luckily, Laura's bf were able to finish everything!!

This is called the ninja Bento set. Trust me it is very very filling. Luckily i was sharing it with my bf. Look there's the "Caterpillar sushi". So, if you are having this set, you don't have to call any additional Caterpillar sushi!

This is Laura's bf, Dennis having his beef. We managed to catch Laura's shock face with the beef!!

The idiot face that was the the clown of the night!

Hot! Hot! Look at Laura's face...She was so scare that the waitress will accidently pour the soup on her!!

The hi-tech toilet!! Managed to get some shots of the toilet before leaving....i was quite impress!

Look...The close-up button...i saw one of the button in which you can press to wash your "backside" and blow dry it too!

Isn't it cool?? Wish i had one in my own house and i will spend hours endlessly in my bathroom. Hahahah....

Tada! Our Miki Ojisan cake.....It is chocholate moist flavor! Very very yummy. A must try for cheesecake lover. For those who is not, you should try as well cos it is very soft and fluffy.....YOu'll know what i meant when you bite into one of this baby!


W_W_H said...

glad to see u are back in posting... kinda miss ur posts. ;) i like the toilet part, its awesome man!!!

vampynyam said...

Hi...again thanks reading up my post...Am glad you are coming often to check new articles on my side. HAhaha...Anyway, the hi-tech toilet you saw only has it in the girls toilet not in men's though!!So next time you bring your wife there, just ask her spend a longer time.