Thursday, 4 October 2007

Singapore Wedding Experience

Last Friday (28th Sept 07), I went down to Singapore with my parents taking the "Nice" bus.It was a real nightmare cos the amount that we paid , RM66 is totally not worth it. The bus was so run-down and the food sucks! And on top of that, the bus had some kind of "fish" smell. I definitely would not recommend anyone to take this bus. I heard that the "Transtar" bus which cost around RM80 is quite good. I might want to try it the next round. I heard the chair has a massage function too. Hmmmm....

The main reason i went to Singapore this round was to attend my "niece" wedding. Yup, you got it right, "niece". She is from China, Hainan Island, 22 years old who got married to a Singaporean guy whose profession is making "Rojak". I heard his Rojak is very popular and tasty though. Apparently, one of my Singapore cousin pull the strings between both of them. He passed the photos to him (i heard the photos was during her high school years!Luckily he took a chance or never knew he hit the jackpot!) Anyway, my niece also tried passing me some photos of my other niece/ friends in China who is also looking for a husband here. However, the photos was all the close-up shots that look more like "Maid" photos! I told her to get me more natural shots rather than "Indon/Philippino" look-alike....So, the next round when i get hold of her photos i will post it here for those single and eligible men seeking China women!

My cousin, Joyce 's "HDP" flat. She let us all had the whole flat by ourselves...isnt it cool? It;s like a villa! Though it's small but very clean and comfortable!! And nice decor too, don't you think so?

This is the hallway of the house.....

Close-up shots of my cutie nephew Tristen. My bro deicded to name him after Brad Pritt character in the movie, "Legend of the Falls".

My nephew, Tristen...Isn't he cute? My mom decided to buy him some stuff animals but he chose the sunflower cos he is currently in studying in "sunflower" class....

Yup, this is my "niece" and the "Rojak" hubby.....Sigh....i'm now an "Auntie"!!

I don't know how to address them except my auntie on the far right. THe one in red shirt is my dad's bro (china) son and the wife. The older lady is the wife's mom. So this are the parent of my niece (on top).

Me giving Angpau to my "niece and the hubby at the tea ceremony session!

This is my Singapore cousin bro, Ron with his 2nd wife.

My family having our steamboat fishhead at the new "Ang Mo Kio" mall. We were at their food court there on Sunday while waiting for the wedding dinner. My dad had their "Char Keow Teow" and it was one of the worst Char Keow Teow ever cos it was SWEET!! I guess SIngaporean must come to Malaysia to taste ours and learn how to cook proper Char Keow Teow!

Joyce's son, Marcus, "the devil"....I asked him to pose in front of the "mini" casino. Yes there is a Casino right inside the shopping mall. And the best part is , it is just next to their Cinema!!

This is the mini casino, called "NTUC" club...I got a sneak peak inside and mostly it's Jackpot machine.

Whatever happen to the men??2 hardworking lady flipping the pancake....And it;s not just any normal pancake shop. It;s "durian" pancake. Yup and it;s real tasty too. The shop is called, "Four Season" and it is available at the "Ang Mo Kio" mall.

This is the front counter where everything is made out of tarts, swiss roll, cakes and cookies and etc....I think we do have one similar shop in Malaysia too in Midvalley but it didn't do well. Hmmm and i wonder why??

This is the Bride's room at the Marina Mandarin Hotel. My bro the photographer of the night with his "hi-tech" camera. My sis law all dressed up sitting on the bed with Marcus..And my niece at the back having her hair and make-up for "showdown"!

See the hours that the bride need to goes through just to look pretty for the night.....sigh....

The waitress opening act before serving the first dish!. Same like what we do here in K.L. THe only difference was they went up the stage, stood there and did a little cha-cha move towards the music.

The first dish of the night!Overall was ok...there is the slimy stuff (my favorite though cos i can chew it like rubber!), mayo shrimps, some stuff hot-dog(see the red round thing...yup that was a hot dog!!)


W_W_H said...

this post reminds me of my wedding day 3 years back. *dreaming edi*
well, this is the first time i saw your real look. ;)

vampynyam said...

HI hi...thanks for checking in again...Hope i didnt look too bad...not very photogenic though.

elisa said...

wa trsiten all grow up d...ya me get older too...;(

vampynyam said... worries older by age but you still look young and sexy....:))