Sunday, 24 June 2007

The Humble Me

Hi my online name is better known as Vampynyam. Why Vampynyam you may ask? It’s such a weird name right? Well, vampy for me stands for vampire. Yes, I fell in love and obsessed with Anne Rice’s vampire books. I fantasized of living an eternal life like "Lestat" . And the best part is of course not having to get myself a botox or a facelift! And Nyam is of course my family's name. Yup, I have one of a kind family’s name. And i'm proud of it cos it makes me feel unique. HAhaha...

Each time I meet someone new, the first thing that pops up in their mouth is ,” Wow, what a unique surname you have there!” or “This is the first time I ever heard people having such surname”. So my usual reply to them is “Oh really?” “Do you know that there’s a local junk food also called Nyam Nyam. And then I would go on explaining to them that this is actually not my real surname name. My actual family name is NGIAM but somehow our Malaysian immigration department accidentally changed our family name to NYAM.

Anyway, to cut the story short, if you ever find another NGIAM, he or she is probably a Hainanese. You can never (and i quote and unquote confidently the word "NEVER") a HOkkien, Hakka Or Cantonese carrying this kind of surname. The usual one is always like “Tan”, “Wong”, “Chan”. Hahaha…I’m not being discriminative but look around your friends, how many “Ngiam” do you find. Probably none right? So, now that you know the probability, the next round you come across someone with the same surname just be sure to ask whether he/she is a "Hainanese!" . that case, I should not be ashamed of my Chinese name rather than changing it and start convincing our friends to call us by our new "name". So it sometimes make you wonder, why we are trying so hard to have a cool English name rather than being proud of our given name. Is our given name really that bad / "uncool" cos' we think that by having an English name, we are above those who calls himself "Ah Boon?"

I guess you guys must be bored reading me going on and on about my family's name so I shall just cut the crap and go straight to the point of why I started this blog. Frankly, this was not my first blog. I did a blog a year ago on fitness (yes, I’m a fitness and health freak! Have to admit that cos my friends always tease me on my protein shake and the no “oil” rule). Unfortunately, it did not even last a week. Call it just plain lazy cos it's not easy to maintain a blog. So bravo to those bloggers who lasted for so long!

The reason I started the fitness blog is to share my experience in my workout and food guide but then without a digital camera, it is bit difficult for people to imagine how a proper workout should be! So, i just threw in the towel... However, lately I just had the rush of starting a blog again due to a friend of mine who wanted to become a famous blogger, (You can check out his site at "Shaky Fish") He insisted me to put it here. Hahahaah). He started his blog and got his group of "followings". I was excited and surprised that there are actual people who do spend time to read about other people's stories! So, just few days ago (10th June 2007-just in case I ever forget this date. ) , it hit me that I should start my own blog too! I want to talk about my own travel experience and food that I love and hate most as well as favorite low-fat cooking recipes.

You can say I am indirectly promoting the restaurants/places without getting paid a single cent. But hey who cares, I just want to share with everyone where to get the best steaks or the best cheesecake other than Secret Recipe (No offense to the fans of Secret Recipe, but if you are a true cheesecake lover, you seriously should consider other options!). Also, I guess writing a blog is kinda “therapeutic” like writing your own personal journal.

Ever since our humanoids have moved into a technology savvy society, blog is “reinvention” of the traditional diary writing. The difference is that diary is only read by the the person who wrote it. Blog is for thousands or even millions of readers around the world. So you could say that it’s no longer a private matters that only the writer know or even get upset when their sisters or brother read on the so called “forbidden” secrets!

So there you have it a little summary of my humble self. I have lots more to say but just in case you fell asleep half way, I had no choice but to cut it short! So, if you are interested in what I write just read my other upcoming articles.


d'Fish said...

hey hey... cool blog. Wah you write so well, im so jealouse now. You sure got no books published yet?

Make sure you keep me in mind k!

CY said...

You sure got a unique surname. Nice to meet you and thanks for dropping by :)

Anonymous said...

hi there. nice to meet you. nice blog.

~^AngelFish^~ said...

blurp.. blurp..(fish swimming) write more more yaya..
memme here reading all the time..


Horseman No.4 said...

Femme fatales emerged from shadows
To watch this creature fair
Boys stood upon their chairs
To make their point of view
I smiled sadly for a love I could not obey
- David Bowie

Good commands of wordplay, don't let the blog die.

vampynyam said...

Thanks horsemen for your positive feedback. WIll try to write for interesting stuff..

Thank's the fish for such support on my article.

And to my new reader angelfish, keep on reading ya,

AngelfrEarth said...

well, this is my 1st time reading ppl blog, i'm so glad to know u & have a chance to "read" more about u and u such a good "eater" ha ha!
weldone... & gambateh o!!!

AngelfrEarth said...

o... and i noticed today is a
special day ehhh. 07.07.07 yo yo...
ha ha u gave me a inspire to start my own blog today ha ha!!!

vampynyam said...

Hi angelearth....thanks for your support...I hope you start your own blog soon so i can link you to mine as welll...

Oly said...

hallo vampire gal hehe
waaaaaa enjoy betul la reading your blogs... best nya dpt cuti2 kat tioman island...;)

Anonymous said...

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