Monday, 4 February 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

Yeah...Chinese New Year is finally here again...Wow how times passes us by. For a moment there, i can still remember my childhood new year filled with sweet goodies like Mandarin orange,and "Kuih Kapit "( A chinese crispy thin waffle like. It is made out of coconut, eggs, and rice flour and is poured into a hot mould like a waffle maker. However, this process is much harder in which waffle maker runs on electric while this mould is bake under hot charcoal. Once it's done, it is carefully folded in either a roll or triangle shape). Talking about this is making my mouth water now. Hahaha...

My parents had just spent RM 1000++ on Chinese new year goods this year. He stuffed on loads of chocolates, cookies and potato chips!! Why? Well, that's because it's the first time after so long that my sis and bro from abroad is coming back to Malaysia and celebrate this new year with us. Plus, this round, my sis will be bringing her kid from UK, which i have not seen after giving birth. So, this year i would say that it is indeed a true CNY spirit for our family.

As for the "Angpau" (Red packet envelope) part, my target this year is to collect a minimum of RM500. HAhaha....Big dreams huh? Well, not to some of my friends who have track record of collecting up to RM 1000++! So CNY is a money making time for them! For me, the most i remember was only RM 300. Why? Cos i have some stingy relatives who only give RM 2!! Can you believe that they are still people giving RM2?? And my mom will be happily giving them RM 10.....It is so unfair. I think i collect more from my friend's parents then my own relatives! And my dad called them blood sucker cos every year when they come to our house, they will gobble down our home cooked food....And when we go over to their place, the only thing offer to us is just packet drink and a couple of crummy biscuits! Hmmmm...I think i should stop complaining and start getting into the joyful mood of CNY right?

Ok, Happy Chinese New Year to all who is celebrating it. And for those who are not, well.....Happy Holiday. Enjoy while you still can cos after this is back to work again!

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