Wednesday, 30 January 2008

"Fuzing" your waist with gloss

"Tut -tut".....and i was woken up by my h/p alarm, got up feeling groggy ....went to bathroom and brushed my teeth-eyes closed, then washed my face. Went down to cooked my normal oatmeal with added raisins and almonds...sat down and read my usual NST paper while scooping through my delicious breakfast...And so this are pretty much my normal daily routines before getting ready to work. As usual while reading through some of our Malaysian politics,U.S elections (which are the hot topics nowadays...), some celebrity gossips...something caught my eyes, "Lips, not hips"! As i sunk my eyes on it and read was actually promoting a new lip gloss in which helps you to curb your hunger. The brand is called Fuze Slenderize Gloss. Apparently it is said to contain ingredients like SuperCitrimax, a plant extract that helps keep hunger pangs and stop the body from turning Carbohydrates to Fat!! It was also mentioned that they have another ingredients that enable you to speed up your body metabolism and boost energy....Is that for real? Good news to people who is trying to lose weight huh....I was so interested in this product and thus went online to do some research...And found that the same company producing the so called, "slim-down lipgloss" also has been producing Fuze diet drink in which proves to be a favorite among celebrity like Katie Holmes and Jessica Simpsons. Anyway, i'm not sure whether you can get this lipsticks here but it cost you around RM 61.65 for it. It is definitely a little bit more expensive than the usual lipsticks over the counter....But hey if it really works, why not huh? You can look good and lose weight at the same time...It's every women dream! Plus it is said to taste fruity and comes in many shades like Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry Melon and Dragon Fruit Melon (sounds yummy too)....I hope it contains no calories because it it is as tasty as it sound, I'll be gulping by tube-load!

p.s.s I hope they pay me some royalty for indirect advertisement....Anyone out there? Hmmmm....

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