Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Christmas bash @ Singapore (DAY 1)

Phew...Finally.....I managed to sneaked up a little time @ my favorite coffee place, Starbucks (Yeah it's a cut-throat cup of coffee, but hey I luv my hot Latte and quiet environtment!) to upload my my last year Christmas experience in Singapore. I know, i know it is a little bit "yesterday" news since we have already enter the new year of 2008. What the heck, as long as it is still fresh in my mind i might as well write something about it eh? Here are the photos from day 1 of arrival till our last day of Christmas day.

We did a quick pit stop before entering Singapore. Was hungry and tired cos we started the journey at 7pm from Seremban highway. So you can imagine how tired it was to drive at night! Of course, i was not the one driving...Hahahah..

The tasteless "Beehoon" soup!!

Filling up the forms b4 reaching Tuas!

Our first photo taking upon arrival to my Bf's sis place located at Pasir Ris.

Our daily routine breakfast @ the nice dining table....

The 3 Stooges.....

The next day, we went to the Singapore's petting zoo.....

Some animals we saw at the petting zoo....

Trying to pose "smart"....


Mankind Evolution.....

I should get an award for this...Any producer out there?? Cast me please....

We were stuck in a sudden heavy downpour at the zoo. We had no choice but to find the nearest shelter and call for help!!

After calling the zoo's hotline...the "zoolian" was kind enough to send someone to pick us up!!


Timothy said...

Christmas in Singapore is definitely superb. I heard it's incredibly beautiful there during Christmas. I don't know about their Turkey though. Haha. .. I've been away from Food'sphere for a while now. It's good to be back !

vampynyam said...

Hi Tim,

You should try going to Singapore to experience their Christmas someday. I want to go Hk next cos i heard it;s good there as well. What do you think>