Saturday, 6 October 2007

Marie Digby

Hi all was listening to radio today and keep on hearing the Acoustic version of the song "Umbrella".Actually i have been hearing this for weeks and thought it was sung by Rihanna herself but made it in acoustic.I fell in love with this acoustic version cos it's more catchy.Also, the voice is really magnificent! What do you guys think? When i was told that it was sung by another person in "Youtube". She became so famous was viewed 20,000 per day! So decided to see how she looks like and searched on "Youtube"...... and she is really good looking with fantastic voice. I think she could be the next upcoming artist. Her name is Marie Digby and she is a mixed of Japanese-Irish-American. No wonder she has really pretty features. Please look at the videos i posted here.

Rihanna "Umbrella" songs, acoustic version. This was the one that made her famous and got a record deal!

Marie Digby singing the James Morrison version song.

Marie Digby's original song, "Invisible"-Her song debut after being signed by record company.

This is another of her original song called, "Stupid For you". But her dog, Misty came out of nowhere to disrupt her. Isn't the dog a cutie??

So, people....what do you think of her? Vote for her...hahahaah

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W_W_H said...

haiya, very sorry lah, can't vote leh, cause no comment... ;)