Thursday, 24 April 2008

Going China...

The clock in my laptops is now 12.38am and am still awake while my bf knocked out on the bed like a dead frog...He has yet to pack his stuff and is expecting me to pack it for him (as usual).

He told me just throw in whatever is necessary like his shaver, toothbrush, "undies" and jacket...Cos the rest he's going to buy it there. Woo Hoo...We are finally going to China and I know he needed the break cos' he had a long and pressure week in work.

He had non-stop interview, meeting and datelines to finish before leaving to China for 6 days! Our Airasia flight is at 6am. So, we need to leave from Bangsar at 4am! So, I guess I'm gonna try to stay awake till then cos if I knocked out like him, I'll be dead tired after that. So, I rather conserve my sleep till the plane. Hopefully I can get some shut eyes in their straight rigid seat.

Where the hell am I going? Well, my actual destination is Guangzhou but due to the price difference between K.L-Guangzhou (RM 700++) and K.L-Macau (RM 520-inclusive airport tax), we decided to take the latter one. Once arrive, we will either take the bus/ train (depending on the situation) to Shenzhen.

Luckily, my supplier will be picking us from Shenzhen and as usual treat us to a BIG fat lunch...HAhahaha...We are going to stay in Shenzhen for 2 days and then head to Guangzhou for their biggest , "Premium & Gift Fair". And our last day will be back to Macau in which I hope to sight-see and visit their new Casino. Woo...Hooo...Oh and not forgetting eating their famous Portuguese Tarts & Pork Burger!

Anyway, will be bringing my laptop along...hopefully i can do my posting with pictures while I'm there. If not I will be back to my posting after the 1st May.

Ciao guys....

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W_W_H said...

happy holiday vampy... travel safely... ;)